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If you need to buy a product that relieves prostatitis, Prostaline is ideal. You can buy Prostaline capsules on our official website. The price of the drug in Italy is {€ 45}. All users are offered an advantageous 50% discount, so that the natural treatment of prostatitis is not only effective but also financially beneficial.

Prostatitis and healthy prostate

Prostaline is an innovative treatment for prostatitis in a natural way. The uniqueness and effectiveness of its use has been proven in numerous studies.

Prostaline are produced by the manufacturer in a white and blue cardboard box. Inside is a plastic bottle with capsules, instructions for use on paper. All white opaque tablets of 30 mg each.
Country of origin - Italy.

Composition of Prostaline capsules

There are 3 main ingredients that are used to make capsules:

To enhance the effect of the drug, the following organic components are included:

It is worth noting that the components of the food supplement do not interact with antibiotics or antiviral drugs.

Effects on the prostate

The effect of Prostaline capsules on the prostate.

There are many reasons to buy a drug, because its spectrum of action is wide:

  1. Natural treatment of prostatitis
  2. Relieves pain syndrome
  3. Suppresses the action of harmful microbes in the microflora
  4. Eliminate excess fluid
  5. Relieves pain.
  6. Normalizes urination
  7. Improves sexual life
  8. Reduces the risk of developing tumors
  9. Treat prostatitis quickly and effectively

Elimination of the main symptoms leads to other pleasant side effects of the drug. By treating the prostate, a person's sleep is normalized, as the constant feeling of incomplete emptying disappears. With the same, it improves the well-being of a person, increases potency.

Price of Prostaline capsules

The cost of Prostaline is comparatively low compared to the prices of similar competitive products. You can buy 20 capsules for the price of {€ 45}.

Capsule benefits

The use of capsules in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system is characterized by a number of significant advantages:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. A small number of contraindications to the drug.
  3. Quick effect.
  4. Lack of pronounced side effects.
  5. High rate of drug absorption.

The effectiveness of Prostaline has been proven in practice. In 2021, clinical trials of the drug were carried out at the Lerrach sanatorium to identify the characteristics of its action. The subjects were men aged 38 to 74 years with an established disease: chronic prostatitis.

The patients were divided into 2 groups. Patients in category 1 received conventional medication and category 2, Prostaline. As a result, the following summary data was displayed:

Chronic prostate symptom Patients cured with a pharmacy drug Patients cured with prostalin
Reduction of prostate size to normal 9% 89%
No exacerbations 35% 98%
Normalize urination 57% 97%
Relieves pain and burning sensation 56% 100%
Reduce the number of pulses 28% 98%

This proves that the use of the drug gives a more pronounced result than similar drugs introduced in medicine.

Prostaline is a clinically proven effective anti-prostate treatment. In Italy, you can order capsules at a bargain price on our official website.

Doctor's review

Doctor Urologist Pietro Pietro
25 years
I have been using Prostaline to treat patients with various forms of prostate for several years. They cannot be purchased in Italy, but can always be ordered on the official website. The drug never failed. After half a month of treatment, many have seen positive changes. I am glad that the capsules have virtually no side effects or restrictions. This allows it to be prescribed for many patients facing prostatitis.